About Us

Who We Are

Kind Hands is a small home-based business located in the woods on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. The business is a partnership that is owned and operated by Judy and Jay. We work together in all aspects of our business, tie dying and selling our products ourselves without the help of any employees.

Kind Hands originated in 1994. Our Company evolved out of 10 years of tie dying for our own fun. After a while we noticed more and more people commenting on the quality and brightness of our dyes. We began to ponder our dreams of running our own tie-dye business.

In 1994 we slowly waded into the business world. We started by doing small markets and working with a couple of retail stores. We soon found ourselves filling big wholesale orders, doing custom work, selling our products at major Art & Craft shows and music festivals attended by thousands of people.

Our Philosophy

Our name ‘Kind Hands’ represents our business philosophy. ‘HAND’ crafted, made by only our own ‘hands’ to create smiles on the faces of everyone who wears or sees our vibrantly coloured tie-dyes! The ‘KIND’ is the attention to detail we put into each item we create. Baby onesie outfit (hand tye-dye heart shape drying in the sun)Our customers who loyally come out each vending season to find us at our shows and support our dream also spread the ‘KIND’.

Our focus has shifted over the years to dyeing more eco-friendly products. Our desire is to have our clothing made of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo and to know that all the processes behind each item that has been sewn is being done as ethically as possible. This is part of the KIND WORLD the we envision. Too often people take for granted the clothes on their backs. We want out customers to know that our unique hand-dyed clothes are not sewn in sweatships. They are individually dyed on our property with Love.

Our Off-Grid Adventure and the Products We Make

We live and work without hydro or phone line in a 25 acre wood forest on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. This affects our business in many ways.

Judy hangs hand-dyed kids and adult t-shirts to dry outside on line in winterOur clothing is washed in rain water (when possible) and hung to dry between our beautiful Birch trees.

We strive as a family to make a “Smaller Footprint” on the planet. We grow as much of our food as we can and purchase as little as possible in packages. We take our own firewood from our property; drink clean delicous water from our well; support local farms and businesses and avoid big box stores.

Our focus with our new website is to promote sustainable clothing we are proud to offer our customers.

It has always been our goal as a business to provide handcrafted, high quality items at affordable prices. We hope you enjoy seeing (and wearing!) some of our work!

Be Kind! Be Gentle! Be Free!

© 2017 Kind Hands         Ontario, Canada