Ecofriendly Clothing

adult_t1Bamboo & Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton:

1/3 lb of pesticides are used to produce a regular cotton T-shirt!!!

Certified organic cotton fibre does not contain inseciticides and pesticides and promotes balance with nature by using methods that minimize enviromental impact. As an added benefit, organic farming communities benifit from a higher health standard and cleaner water.

By using organic cotton we ensure that toxic chemicals are not harming people, animals or the earth that we share.

Make choices that make a difference, choose responsible clothing!


Bamboo is grown without fertilizers and has an extensive root network that does not require replanting, it just contuines to sprout up new shoots.

Bamboo has mosture wicking properties that wick water away from your body 3-4 times faster than cotton. This means you stay more dry and comfortable in hot an humid weather!

Eco-friendly clothing made with bamboo are luxurious looking, have a natural sheen and softness that feels like silk but is more durable and less expensive.

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