Product Care

A little information about how we make our clothing:

Each article of clothing if first washed once before it is tied. This removes any sizing, so the dye properly penetrates the cotton.

We then tie all of our designs using various folding, pleating, clipping and swirling techniques that we have both learned and developed over the years.

Each item is then individually hand dyed using a high quality procion dye. It is then left to sit wrapped in plastic for 24 hours…this allows the dye to react with the cotton fibers, thus colour-fixing the item.

We then rinse and wash everything twice, ensuring that our customers have a rich and vibrantly coloured tie dye that will last for years to come!

Care Instructions:

Our tie-dyes are colourfast and require no extra precautions. They can be machine washed with your colours in cold or warm water.

The shirt will wear out before the colours will fade out!

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